We are pleased to announce that the full band is now undertaking full rehearsals.  This means that we are happy to accept booking requests and enquiries from anyone interested in joining either the full band or corps of drums.  Requests to play at events are flowing in, so in order that you don't miss out contact us as early as possible to secure your booking.

The band celebrated their 10th anniversary in September of last year.  Starting from humble beginnings under the baton of the current Musical Director, Louise Lingard-Snape, they now boast a large multi-functional band room, plenty of equipment and music to cater for all tastes.

Beginning as one ensemble they can now boast a Corps of Drums and many smaller groups, for example brass quartet, wind quintet who can play at anything from formal military events to dances and shows.

It is little wonder that the band has gone from success to success in the past 10 years, not least due to the excellent leadership, friendship and team spirit which is only experienced if you are a part of this wonderful musical family.  

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